Case study

alias entrepreneur·e is an online platform offering educational videos to Québec entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

Before working with us, Serge’s team advertised on social media to acquire paying members on their platform and new subscribers to their newsletter.

Their investment brought in a few sales, but they couldn’t determine their actual acquisition cost or how much they should expect to spend to acquire an email address.

Initial findings

alias entrepreneur·e had an online platform that already had several paying members. However, no sales funnel was in place, nor were any cost metrics defined per acquisition for the newsletter construction or platform marketing components.


We agreed on the KPI to be achieved for the first version of alias entrepeneur·e. An email address should be generated for less than $1 on Facebook and conversions to their $150 program should cost $60 or less.


Cost per email

We generated a newsletter with 12,000 subscribers at an average cost of $0.83 per email address.


Acquisition cost

Acquisition cost of $37.98 for each registration in the $150 program once the first version of alias entrepreneur·e was available.



28% of sales attributed to the newsletter