Episode 5

Flight Claim, 500% growth month after month! How to create an innovative company, experience rapid growth, and this, without any prior experience, with Jacob Charbonneau, CEO.

Flight Claim is a company that has the wind in its sails. ???? When we recorded this episode, the company was growing by 300% to 500% month after month! The most impressive is that this is Jacob's first company and that he has less than 2 years of management experience under his belt. 

In my conversation with him today, you will learn how Jacob managed to turn a problem that a friend of his was experiencing into a business model for his company.

You will also discover the impact that traditional media can have on your business if you dare to speak out publicly.

Finally, Jacob explains how he built a business without having any prior entrepreneurial experience and how he manages to surround himself with "key players".

This podcast is only available in french.

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