Épisode 12 et 13

Part 01

Is selling a company essential to be considered successful in business? If so, how can we adequately prepare for it when the time comes? How do we even know if we are at that stage in the growth of our business? Former dragon Serge Beauchemin answers all these questions with astonishing precision in our podcast. Serge himself sold his business, 3soft, in the early 2000s at a time when it was generating 75M in annual revenue. He shares the 9 steps that he followed to a tee to make this transaction a success.

Part 02

In the second part of our discussion with Serge Beauchemin, he explains what we need to know after accepting a purchase offer. He tells us about the due diligence process that can be long and painful, how he went about telling his employees about the sale of the business and the reasons that led him to accept a smaller amount for the sale than what he could have actually received. A perfect podcast to listen to for people who are planning on selling their business someday.

This podcast is only available in french.

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