Episode 27

Building a business is difficult. Building a business and maintaining growth month after month is even harder.

But building a business and generating millions of dollars in monthly sales in just 18 months is almost unreal.

My guest, Yoann Desrosiers, head of Coco Village, will explain the hypergrowth that his company has experienced over the past year and a half to become a solidly-established organization in both Canada and the United States.

Between sourcing issues, negotiating with overseas suppliers and the logistical challenge of having 20 new employees overnight, Yoann, in an almost hour-long discussion, shares the reality that a fast-growing online business needs to plan for in 2020.

Without further ado, my conversation with Yoann Desrosiers.

To find out more about Coco Village: https://frcocovillage.ca/ 

This podcast is only available in french.

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