Épisode 15

Becoming the biggest obstacle race in Canada with 50,000 tickets sold annually!

Today on the Hypergrowth podcast, we learn more about Mud Girl, a Quebec success story that is still unknown to many!

We chat with Kevin Pillu, co-founder of Sportera and the one in charge of this obstacle race. Here is Mud Girl, in a few numbers:

  • The biggest obstacle race in Canada with 50,000 participants in 2018.
  • A race that now takes place in 7 cities in the United States.
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

In an almost hour-long conversation, Kevin shares with us:

  • The five-step recipe that he has been using since Mud Girl beginnings’ so that all his events are "Sold Out".
  • The way he went about setting up his race in the south of the continent.
  • The mistakes he and his brother made at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey that almost cost them their business.

We also discuss all the anecdotes, each as impressive as the next, that can happen during a Mud Girl event.

Without further ado, listen to my conversation with Kevin Pillu.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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