Épisode 16

Retention and acquisition; two fundamental pillars of growth for any business.

Today on the Hypergrowth podcast, the concept is reversed!

A few weeks ago, our former colleague Robin Vézina invited Antoine Gagné to present at his monthly mastermind, which he hosts for his clients. 

In the interview, we mention 2 of the 4 fundamental pillars of growth that we use at J7 Media in order to grow our business. 

In the 40-minute episode, we discuss:

  • The 3-step technique that we use to ensure that we have a high client retention rate
  • The number one approach when it comes to new client acquisition
  • The importance of clearly defining the horizontal and vertical aspects of your business

It is important to mention that the episode was recorded via Zoom and was not intended to be transformed into a "podcast". The sound quality will therefore not be as good as usual.

Also, we would love to get your feedback on the interview! We're thinking of including more episodes where we'll share tips and tricks that we’ve put to the test. 

We await your comments and opinions on the subject!

We hope you enjoy this episode!
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