Episode 26

Having become the most popular amateur sport in the province, soccer is now an essential part of the Quebec sports landscape.

With more than 200,000 active amateur players and a professional club that has been part of the biggest league in North America for the past 8 years, we can say that Quebec has taken a big leap forward in recent years to improve its soccer offering.

Now, what about the economic aspect? Is it utopian to think that a club like Montreal's Impact, which loses tens of millions of dollars a year, can afford to stay in the city?

That is the discussion I will be having today with my guest, Olivier Brett.

Olivier, who is a well-known figure in the Quebec soccer industry, will go over the mistakes that the Impact must avoid repeating in the coming years, how well-prepared Canada must be to successfully host the 2026 World Cup, as well as some juicy anecdotes that happened during his rise to fame as Quebec's number one soccer journalist.

Without further ado, my conversation with Olivier Brett.

To get in touch with Olivier Brett:
Website: Site web : https://olivierbrett.com/ 

This podcast is only available in french.

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