Episode 8

My name is Antoine Gagné and I’m very happy that you joined us today for a new episode of Social Selling.

At the beginning of 2019, Facebook released a new way to advertise on its platform. The name of this new technique; The Power 5.

After analyzing over tens of thousands of different campaigns, the engineers at Facebook have been able to circle down five fundamentals.

One of these is called ; account simplification.

The idea is the following; Facebook recommends to have the least possible campaigns in your account to facilitate the distribution of your ads.

It makes sense on paper, but does it work in real life?

Today, we’re going to show you a case study where one of our clients has been able to generate 3.5X more results only by using Facebook best practices. And remember, we used the same ads and the same offer. The only thing that we changed is the way we structured our campaigns.

Nate Ross, Senior media buyer at J7 Media is with me today. Nate, before we talk about this case study, can you explain to the audience what is the Power 5?


We hope you enjoy this episode!

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