Would you like to lower your acquisition cost while increasing your Facebook advertising budget?

The biggest mistake that companies make when it comes to Facebook advertising is focusing only on a “hot” audience. This is an audience that is ready to purchase immediately.

However, as illustrated in this diagram of the demand pyramid, only 3% of your potential customers are “ready to purchase” and 7% are “open to purchase, but not actively looking.” The vast majority (90%) don’t even know that they might need your product/service.

Therefore, concentrating all of your advertising messages on a tiny percentage of your target is not the best strategy.

Using the right strategy with j7 media

Using Facebook to its full potential

Facebook advertising has the power to transform the 90% of the potential market that are not ready to purchase customers. This involves varying your messages and adapting them to your customers based on their path in the demand pyramid. Here are a range of messages that a company selling reusable baby diapers could prepare for each stage of their customers' purchase cycle.


Couples without children (no need yet)

The primary goal is to reach almost the entire audience, the famous 90% who don’t realize that they might need the product. The best way to do this is by connecting the brand to a topic of current interest that speaks to them.

For example, a company selling reusable diapers could focus its message on ecology. Their product doesn’t create waste and is therefore environmentally friendly, which resonates with the majority of the population.

Their ads might look like this:


Did you know that young parents use 6,500 disposable diapers for each of their babies?

That’s 40% of a family’s household waste. An enormous amount of waste! That’s why we decided to make reusable diapers that are affordable.

Now you can reduce your environmental footprint without paying a fortune.

Plus, when you know that only 20 reusable diapers will take you from birth to potty training, it's an easy decision.

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The result is that the childless couple now knows that reusable diapers produce much less waste and that this company sells an affordable solution.


Couples expecting a child (open to purchase, but not actively looking)

At this stage, it’s important that potential customers know the company and consider it one of the best on the market. A good way to achieve this is by educating the target customers (couples expecting a baby) about the pitfalls to avoid when shopping for your type of product.

Two advertising formats that educate potential customers in a way that’s both entertaining and effective are guides and blog posts. Make sure that the content is catchy so the reader will want to read the entire document.

For example, here’s a blog post topic that would pique the curiosity of couples expecting a child:


There are so many different diaper brands sold in Québec. Are you having trouble deciding which one will be best for your baby?

If you’re expecting your first baby, deciding which type of diaper to use can be challenging and overwhelming.

Our blog post on diapers can help you make the right choice when your baby arrives.

Click here to read our article - “The 7 types of diapers to avoid and 3 that offer optimal absorption.”

Creating this type of content is a great way to give tips and advice that will position the diaper company as an expert in the eyes of its target client base. A great way to gain a competitive edge!

Now potential customers will find out which products to avoid when shopping for diapers. They’ll also hold this particular company in high regard, and remember how it helped guide them.


New parents (ready to purchase)

Lastly, the diaper company needs to speak to people who already buy this type of product. Since the customer base is “ready to purchase,” the company can use direct advertising messages.

The company's goal is to convince potential customers to choose its product over another. Testimonials from satisfied customers that address a common need within the target market, and offering an “irresistible” offer are two of the techniques that work best for our own clients at J7 Media.

Here are two examples of advertisements the company could use:

*IMPORTANT: These ads are only for people who have visited the website and are familiar with the diaper company.


Moms and dads will find our reusable diapers easy to use, and they’re 2X more absorbent than other diapers on the market.

But don’t just take our word for it! Find out what a satisfied customer has to say:

“I love them! I’m on my second order! The diapers don’t leak, even at night. They’re super absorbent! High-quality, well-made products. Fast delivery and excellent value! I highly recommend them!” - Julie Dupuis

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At this stage, potential customers become real customers because they believe that this product is the best for their baby.

Using this progressive technique, you will convert the silent majority and accelerate your company's growth.



Why hire an agency to do this?

You can decide to create your ads in-house, but there is a long list of steps you'll have to follow:

  • Segment the stages of the purchase cycle
  • Adapt your messages
  • Increase your budget
  • Define your audiences
  • Analyze ads
  • Visit competitors' Facebook pages
  • Find different lines of communication
  • Write your ad content
  • Create eye-catching visuals
  • Shoot video clips
  • Install Facebook Pixel on your website
  • Make sure your settings are correct
  • Track your sales
  • Choose your campaign goals
  • Analyze your ad results
  • Create similar audiences
  • Retargeting
  • Build dedicated sales pages
  • Set up sales funnels
  • Optimize your ads
  • Build an email sequence
  • And much more.
Results achieved in just 60 days

“Since we started working with J7, they increased our conversions by 300% while reducing our acquisition cost by 42%.” – Michael Lampel, President of Insurance for Children and founder of Child Plan

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