On sauve un e-commerce de la noyade

We save an e-commerce from drowning

Sometimes an advertiser on Facebook takes the "easy" way out before irreparably damaging their results.

In this episode, we talk about an advertiser who bet everything on promos and short-term discounts via Facebook Ads.

Although this practice can produce results, it's not feasible to build a long-term strategy around it. Simply because you're getting your audience used to promotions (so they won't make purchases without them). Secondly, because it prevents you from really building a strong Facebook Ads account and having campaigns that stick, learning from them, and decreasing your costs.

Systematically relying on discounts destroys the element of surprise and imprisons you...

Carl Wybo, Media Buyer at J7 Media, recently managed a similar client. Thanks to a well-executed strategy, Carl succeeded in increasing the average order value by 13% and sales by 40%: a record!

Discover his strategy in today's episode!




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