Facebook advertising agency - About us


J7 Media is an agency dedicated to Facebook advertising, with offices in Canada (province of Quebec) and Europe (Barcelona).

Our mission is to help companies break through the Facebook Ads glass ceiling to reach a budget of circa $1,000 per day on the platform.

This is the fruit of almost 10 years of experience in Facebook Ads and involves three distinct components.


It's impossible to scale a Facebook Ads account without a solid understanding of the advertiser's key metrics. 

We need to understand your room for growth and that requires a detailed reading of your overall activity (not just your activity on Meta's Ads Manager).


J7 Media has a creative team capable of producing static image ads, videos, UGC, motion design ads, photoshoots, sales funnels, and newsletters.

We combine our strategic expertise with our team’s creative talent to perfectly execute our concepts.


The goal is to find ad combinations that work, and then adapt and test them to extend their success. 

Scaling is only possible with testing.