How To Generate Leads On Facebook

How Can Facebook Advertising Help You Acquire Leads?

Let's be clear: you’re not the average e-commerce on Facebook. Your business is more subtle, as it requires the constant acquisition of qualified email addresses in order to later convert prospects into customers, either through email marketing or sales calls.  

It’s very probable that before getting into Facebook advertising, you hesitated, as the platform often boasts how efficient it is in responding to the advertising needs of e-commerce businesses rather than businesses like yours.

However, this isn’t the case.

Facebook Advertising’s Lead Generation capabilities are just as, if not more, potent than its ability to convert. Here’s why.

Facebook allows you to track different conversions in your acquisition funnel, from a simple Lead to the creation of a Contact to a Complete Registration.

Thanks to these Events, you can get Facebook to generate leads throughout every step of your acquisition funnel. 

Here’s a concrete example.

For one of our B2B Lead Generation clients, we created Facebook ads as well as a series of landing pages to help them acquire more qualified leads. At any given moment in the funnel, prospects would stop filling out our client’s form. It was thus necessary to track events and conversions to properly identify prospects: Lead (cold prospect) or Complete Registration (a serious lead), which we were fully capable of achieving through Facebook advertising.

acquisition funnel landing page

results facebook ads manager

Here are the results in the Ads Manager for a 100% qualified B2B audience.

However, it’s important to prioritize the information you need to retrieve in your acquisition funnel not to scare your prospects away. Ask for an email address first. You can wait to ask for your prospect's phone number further down the funnel, because if your prospect gives up halfway, you can always follow up with email marketing afterward.

On the other hand, it isn't always necessary to get your prospects to leave the platform to convert them. If your site is slow or ineffective, you can still qualify leads directly on Facebook.

To do so, you can use the Lead Ads format, which is found directly in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Lead Ad Objective

The Facebook Ads objective you choose should be specific to your business, which will allow you to easily and quickly generate an acquisition funnel on Facebook and Instagram. Here's an example.

When you click on the ad, a pop-up appears on your screen asking for contact information to obtain a free guide.

This is how Facebook generates leads

Next, thanks to an integrated feature, Facebook sends the lead's information to your/your client's CRM. The lead receives the guide by email, followed by more email marketing, inciting them to convert.

Once you have the right Facebook campaigns in place, you just need to find the perfect audience.

Facebook will propose that you use Lookalike audiences to maximize your chances of generating more leads. These are audiences generated from an email list, your site traffic, and even your existing customers.

The platform will then commit to finding, based on your sample, similar users to show your ads to to help reduce the advertising cost of your Facebook Leads.

Interface for creating Custom Audiences

Interface for creating Lookalike Audiences

All you need is a list that includes at least 1000 users that can be traced on/that use the platform. The more data you provide Facebook, the more reliable and qualified the audience it generates will be.

When it comes to Lead Generation, all of these tools make Facebook a real ally in growing your business.


From 0 to $10,000/month in Facebook Ads

RenoQuotes is a company that puts individuals in contact with building or renovation contractors. As a result, it needs to reach two audiences to feed the success of its platform.

When we started working together, RenoQuotes did not yet have a viable Facebook acquisition funnel. They were allocating no advertising budget to the platform.

Today, thanks to the work of J7 Media, this advertiser spends more than $10,000 per month on Facebook Lead Ads.


Serge Beauchemin is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Quebec. Like others, he trusted J7 Media to help him grow with his new initiative: alias entrepreneur.e.

Initially, J7 Media was simply supposed to grow Serge's email database using Lead Ads.

We quickly expanded our partnership to help him sell his new services directly on Facebook and email. 

Our results: $0.83/email newsletter.


Insurance for Children is a Canadian company for whom lead generation is fundamental.

Despite being quite familiar with Facebook advertising, this client struggled to develop a cohesive visual identity and convert its prospects. 

In only a few months, we managed to fill these gaps to the point of decreasing their acquisition cost by 42% and increasing their conversion rate by 300%!


As you can surely tell by now, developing Lead Generation Campaigns is one of our specialties at J7 Media.

Having intelligently and expertly helped our clients invest millions in Facebook advertising over the last few years, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of all things Lead Ads and Facebook Advertising. 

When you work with J7 Media, you benefit from our experience and years of learning.

budget facebook ad 2020

Understanding your acquisition funnel, bringing it to life on social media, and generating leads through Facebook advertising is a process that we fully master. That's why Facebook has recognized us as experts and awarded us the title of Facebook Business Partner.

But, other elements have also allowed us to gain the trust of our clients.

certification facebook ad

In addition to each of our Analysts and Account Managers having one to two Facebook Certifications, the J7 Media Team also has a very close relationship with Facebook.

facebook ads summit

In 2019, we organized the Facebook Advertising Summit in partnership with the American firm. During this one-day event, some of our clients received advice from Facebook experts who flew directly from Chicago for the occasion.

In 2020, we recreated the experience with a Webinar featuring a Partner Manager, a Sales Manager, and a Marketing Science Expert from Facebook.

webinar with facebook

For more than an hour and a half, we offered our clients and an audience of business leaders priceless educational content and information on Facebook best practices.

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