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Facebook ads case studies


By building customized strategies for each of our clients, we generate results that often exceed their expectations.

In our case studies, you'll discover how we accelerate the growth of the companies that put their trust in us.

Our achievements

01. PopBrush See the case study 02. Popeye's Supplements How This E-Commerce Multiplied Its Facebook Budget By +5 See the case study 03. LifeDNA REDUCE YOUR CPA BY 32% WHILE SPENDING $4000/DAY WITH J7 MEDIA See the case study 04. Ontario Telescope & Accessories From $100K to $400K/month in revenue by working with J7 Media See the case study 05. Clinique virtuelle From 0 to 300k/Month in 12 Months by Working With J7 Media See the case study 06. Fastmask E-commerce in the COVID-19 era with Fast Mask: 258% increase in sales. See the case study 07. Mudgirl Comment passer son budget publicitaire Facebook de 30 000$ à 100 000$/mois tout en restant pleinement profitable. See the case study 08. Coco Village How to Generate $678,000 in Sales in 6 Days with a $100,000 Advertising Investment See the case study 09. Jimmy Sévigny How to generate $150,000 in annual recurring sales with $44,000 investment on Facebook See the case study 10. Académie du Podcast $65,000 in sales for an online course with an advertising budget of only $9000. See the case study 11. Complexe ICAR HOW WE SPENT LESS THAN WE DID LAST YEAR, WHILE INCREASING SALES! See the case study 12. Reno Quotes Open a new geographic market with a 3-step sales tunnel See the case study 13. alias entrepreneur·e How to add 12,000 subscribers to your newsletter for $0.75 per email. See the case study 14. Insurance for children How to achieve a 300% conversion rate increase while slashing acquisition costs by 42%. See the case study
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