Our Facebook Marketing Partners

Our business philosophy is to always make clients and their individual needs our top priority. By voluntarily specializing in Facebook advertising, we aim to maximize the potential value of a very specific lever. Therefore, we agree to work collaboratively with partners who offer services that are complementary to ours in order to ensure that all our clients’ needs are met.

To this end, we work with trusted partners on many aspects of online marketing, such as their marketing strategies, search engine optimization, Google Ads, building and/or rebuilding websites, etc.

When the client wins, everyone wins.

Meta Business Partner


J7 Media is a proud Meta Business Partner. 

Meta Business Partners are recognized for their ability to help businesses grow today and build for tomorrow. 

With demonstrated expertise in campaign management and more, as an agency partner we can help you optimize your marketing and creative strategies, media planning and buying, and more to unlock your full potential across Meta technologies.

Our agency has 24/7 access to advanced tools, training, and best practices to help you stay ahead of the curve in an unpredictable and competitive world.

Klaviyo Platinum Partner

Once we became pretty effective at helping our clients grow their email list through several Facebook advertising strategies, we naturally wanted to maximize our email marketing efforts by partnering with the best possible email partner. Klaviyo is, indisputably, a leader in the email marketing industry as their platform allows marketers to deliver amazing experiences across email and several other channels.

As a Klaviyo Gold Partner, we have access to partner-specific tools, strategies, inside scoops on their product roadmap, and support for long-term growth. In addition, our email marketing specialists work closely with Klaviyo’s team when onboarding new clients, adopting new features and optimizing our accounts’ performance on a weekly basis. 

Dan Deren

Channel Account Manager