Our Facebook Marketing Partners

Our business philosophy is to always make clients and their individual needs our top priority. By voluntarily specializing in Facebook advertising, we aim to maximize the potential value of a very specific lever. Therefore, we agree to work collaboratively with partners who offer services that are complementary to ours in order to ensure that all our clients’ needs are met.

To this end, we work with trusted partners on many aspects of online marketing, such as their marketing strategies, search engine optimization, Google Ads, building and/or rebuilding websites, etc.

When the client wins, everyone wins.

Google Ads Partner

If we've all learned one thing over time, it's that it's impossible to be good at everything! Specialization has been key at J7 Media since its inception.

However, we realize that, in order to serve our clients well, it's vital that we are able to refer them to other specialists for their Google Ads and SEO needs. We therefore turned to Rablab, a young and enthusiastic agency quite a bit like ourselves. We've automatically forwarded all complementary client requests to them for almost a year.

Their team includes several web experts who know how to position your website among the best search results.

Trust us, they know what they're doing!

One of the most important things about Facebook advertising is the ability to trace all the results of our advertising campaigns from start to finish.

At J7 Media, we always strive to offer concrete results and 100% accurate figures to our clients. This is why we've turned to the world's leading authority in this area: Andrew Tweito from FunnelBoom.

In addition to appearing 4 times on the famous podcast Perpetual Traffic podcast, Andrew has set up the "tracking" of several Fortune 500 companies. For more than a year, he and his team have assisted us in "tracking" our campaigns to ensure that each one is perfectly programmed for each of our clients.



Some of our potential clients would like to learn how to do their own Facebook advertising rather than hire an outside agency.

We refer these clients to La Tranchée, a company with whom we've been working for nearly 2 years. La Tranchée is a community of thousands of entrepreneurs across Quebec.

We believe that founder Olivier Lambert has created the most complete and pertinent French-language Facebook training to help companies benefit from the advertising platform by themselves.

So when one of our prospects asks us who to contact to find out how to master Facebook advertising by themselves, we confidently refer them to Olivier and his team.



Clearbanc provides growth capital for online businesses. They are an incredible partner to associate with as they offer a fundraising alternative for fast-growing businesses and a special positioning in the e-commerce industry. Clearbanc offers capital from $10,000 up to $10 million to entrepreneurs. Its proprietary AI system connects to a potential client's payment, ad, and e-commerce platforms to analyze their business' financial health and revenue. Clearbanc's AI then reviews the data and automates the diligence process, effectuating a funding decision in potentially a matter of minutes. 

At Clearbanc, we have the chance to work directly with an amazing Strategic Partner Manager named Robbie Kershaw. Before becoming the trusted advisor that he is, Robbie developed his expertise at Clearbanc as an Investment Analyst. He's also an avid sports fan! If you want to get in touch with him directly, here's his contact information:

Robbie Kershaw 
Strategic Partner Manager 
(415) 469-1481



Did you know that most carriers offer a refund on late shipments and unused labels? Buster Fetcher deals with every step of your refund requests and provides actionable data to help improve your shipping strategies. It is a no-brainer when it comes to optimizing your e-commerce operations. Most of our e-commerce clients use their services and they save big bucks each month. Plus, they give you access to all your shipping costs and associated statistics for free. This will help you make better decisions, grow your business and improve customer satisfaction along the way.