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Académie du Podcast

Academie du podcast

$65,000 in sales for an online course with an advertising budget of only $9000

Marco Bernard is a successful entrepreneur who has made his success by developing a niche market – the world of Francophone podcasts. Indeed, through his company, l’Académie du Podcast, he’s helped many entrepreneurs embark on their own auditory journeys!

At the time, we were already in charge of acquisition and retargeting on Facebook for another one of his companies. To increase his sales, we thought of a brand new approach that responded perfectly to his “infopreneurial” ventures.

Academie du podcast

Our Initial Assessment

Like many other infopreneurs, Marco Bernard had difficulty selling high-priced training courses directly through Facebook. It would take several weeks, sometimes months, before a lead could consume all of the free content he has available on his website and decide to take action. It was a waste of time and money for l’Académie du Podcast.

Our Objective

Our objective was to shorten this educational period. To do this, we had to create an event that was stimulating and challenging enough to interest prospects, but also one in which they would see tangible results rather quickly in order to persuade them to purchase a more expensive training course.

Case studies

Marco Bernard has found his new acquisition strategy and a way to convert the masses! The most difficult part of this strategy is creating content and homework assignments, but once that content is created, Marco will be able to replicate these challenges as he pleases and even charge a participation fee to increase his ROAS!



A Facebook advertising investment of $9000



A total sales revenue of $65,000, generated right after the challenge



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