From 0 to 300k/Month in 12 Months by Working With J7 Media

From 0 to 300k/Month in 12 Months by Working With J7 Media

Established in 2018, La Clinique Virtuelle is a Quebec business that offers professional psychosocial support services as well as a variety of clinical products intended for the general public. Among the most popular products are weighted blankets and online training about stress and anxiety management. 

In August 2019, to accelerate its growth, La Clinique Virtuelle decided to partner with J7 Media in the goal of increasing sales and taking their first steps toward online advertising. 

The young company’s sales have skyrocketed since they started collaborating with the team of experts at J7 Media, going from 0 to 300 K per month in just 1 year. 

Our Initial Assessment

  • No history of Facebook advertising when we first started collaborating. 
  • No Pixel or tracking, therefore no recorded data to be used to create potential audiences.
  • Offer and product with high potential.

Our Objectives

  • Find a winning advertising strategy for La Clinique Virtuelle's products, which often have very specific delivery dates. 
  • Increase purchases of their flagship product: weighted blankets. 
  • Maintain a ROAS above 5.

Our Strategy

  • Create and spread product awareness on cold traffic
  • Diversify and acquire relevant audiences for La Clinique Virtuelle
  • Maintain a constant revenue stream and ROAS above 5
  • Diversify offers and retain a high shopping cart value

Case studies
0 - 300 K


Growth in monthly turnover after 1 year of collaboration.



The business has generated an average ROAS of 6.58 in Facebook advertising in the last year.


Conversion Rate

La Clinique Virtuelle has an average conversion rate of 8.21% on its website. 

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