E-commerce in the COVID-19 era with Fast Mask: 258% increase in sales.
E-commerce in the COVID-19 era with Fast Mask: 258% increase in sales.

Fast Mask is an Ontario-based company that designs products with a unique and colorful style, including masks and gloves for adventure and adrenaline enthusiasts, such as motorcyclists and snowboarders. 

Fast Mask began a partnership with J7 Media in mid-February 2020 with the aim of propelling its online store sales to new heights. 

Following the signing of the agreement, J7 Media’s team of experts implemented bold strategies that enabled Fast Mask to make more sales in the first 8 days of April than in all of March! And this, in the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis. 

Our initial observations
  • Structure of random campaigns and audiences, which caused an overlapping effect, thus slowing results. 
  • Advertising formats used limited and little renewal at the creative level.
  • No Face Masks campaign in place, the company's flagship product.
  • No real remarketing campaign precisely targeting individuals who have taken specific actions.
  • Difficult socio-economic situation during the COVID-19 period.
Our objectives
  • Generate more sales overall, as well as increase the ROAS.
  • Optimize the account structure in order to get the best possible performance from the implemented campaigns, audiences, and creatives.
  • Seize the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 situation in the sale of masks (mid-March 2020).
Our strategy
  • Create cold traffic campaigns for gloves and masks, Fast Mask’s flagship products.
  • Create a "catalog sale" remarketing campaign targeting individuals who viewed content, added to the basket, or initiated payment. 
  • Produce a variety of creatives in different formats (still images, GIFs, videos, carousels).
  • Create stylish landing pages that optimize the user experience. 
  • Increase the budget by increments of 20%.


A 258% increase in sales from March 1 to April 8 compared to the previous month.


Average cost per purchase in the time of COVID-19

The average cost per purchase from March 1 to April 8 is as low as $2.28 and is still decreasing every week.



As of April 8, 2020, our ROAS for the past 7 days is 7.23 and it continues to rise.