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Insurance for children

Case study

Insurance for Children is the leading Canadian financial planning company for children.

Before meeting us, they worked with an advertising agency that offered them no creative solution to lower the acquisition cost of their Child Plan product. They were constantly investing in Facebook ads that failed to generate results, and this pattern couldn’t continue.

Our Initial Assessment

  • Insurance for Children had a conversion goal (lead) but also numerous traffic campaigns.
  • Their campaigns only used a fixed image format.
  • The only landing page was a blog post. IFC was suffering from a real lack of visual identity on Facebook.

Our Objectives

  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Increase the number of leads
  • Use audiences from various sources
  • Help them develop a better understanding of the branding world

Case studies

Conversion rate

Conversion rate increased by 300%


Acquisition cost

Their acquisition cost decreased by 42%

500 000

Video views

The video for the Child Plan product was viewed 500,000 times