How to generate $150,000 in annual recurring sales with $44,000 investment on Facebook

Case study

Jimmy Sévigny is a Quebec sports coach and influencer who has more than 330,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram. He offers many services to his community, such as food supplements, as well as Mega Workout training throughout the province!

In order to successfully launch his new online platform, Aktivation, Jimmy called on J7 Media to plan a Facebook acquisition campaign.

Here's how we proceeded.

Our Initial Assessment

  • Jimmy Sévigny has a significant community that interacts a lot with his content.
  • His campaigns were using several ad sets, which caused a clear dispersion of the budget and slowed results.
  • No "emergency" strategy had been put in place.

Our Objectives

  • Generate overall sales (Facebook, Instagram, and emailing).
  • Clean up the account to let Facebook operate as effectively as possible.
  • Get a large number of subscriptions for the rest of the year.

Our Strategy

  • Creation of a contest to get as many emails as possible, in order to work with email sequences afterwards.
  • Creation of an acquisition campaign with two cold audiences, as well as a fan audience.
  • Creation of several successive retargeting campaigns with increasingly strong offers.

Case studies


$44,000 invested in Facebook advertising during the month of January alone

+ $149,680


+ $149,680 generated on Facebook



3.40 total ROAS

I've always been a bit reluctant to work with established agencies because what I'm looking for above all else is human connection, the availability of the people I work with and their commitment to my business and what I have to offer. Right from the start, I felt that the J7 team was managing my ads as if they were their own. They are approachable and highly competent people who really take the time to understand your reality and who truly support you with your strategies. Today, they are in charge of 100% of my Facebook campaigns and I would not go back on my decision. I highly recommend them.

Jimmy Sévigny

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