Reduce Your CPA by 32% While Spending $4000/Day With J7 Media

Case study

LifeDNA is an American personal genomics companythat offers personalized health, wellness, and nutrition reports based on DNA. 

In February 2021, LifeDNA entrusted their advertising account to J7 Media. Our mandate was simple: to acquire new customers and reduce their CPA to, on average, less than $55 per acquisition.

J7 Media succeeded in this feat by skillfully using and reusing existing content to improve the overall performance of LifeDNA’s advertising account.

Our Initial Assessment

  • LifeDNA had several campaigns, a substantial budget, and many active ads
  • An effective sales funnel, profitable audiences, and ads that worked well
  • ….but results were decreasing more and more day after day, despite their vast repertoire of ads

Our Objectives

  • Implement a campaign structure that would allow us to centralize our budget
  • Reduce the CPA by more than $13

Our Strategy

  • Apply Facebook’s POWER5 tactics to the account
  • Give a new life to content that had previously worked very well
Case studies


A drop in CPA of 32% in just 1 month and a CAC of less than $50

$84 000

Advertising Investment

We increased our client’s budget to nearly $100,000/month