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Reduce Your CPA By 40% While Increasing Your Monthly Budget By 100% In Three Months With J7 Media

PopBrush is a French company that sells ergonomic hair brushes that painlessly detangle hair. 

In April 2021, PopBrush reached out to J7 Media with the following mandates: boost the company’s acquisition strategies, lower the cost per acquisition, and increase sales. 

Confident in our ability to help this e-commerce company, J7 Media began its audit of PopBrush’s account in order to determine the best course of action to achieve the company’s objectives.

Our Initial Assessment

  • Far too many active campaigns with a significant budget.
  • Too many overlapping audiences. 
  • Well-structured sets with great ads…
  • ...but the client’s account and campaigns weren’t optimized, so their results were taking a hit!

Our Objectives

  • Implement a campaign structure that would allow us to centralize the budget.
  • Reduce the CPA by more than 30%!
  • Increase the advertising budget and still guarantee a profit for the client.

Our Strategy

  • Restructure the account according to Facebook’s POWER5 best practices.
  • Optimize the use of well-performing ads.
  • Create a pool of new ads.
Case studies


Decrease in the client’s initial CPA three months after J7 Media took over the account.


Increase in monthly budget

We increased the budget by 100% in three months.


Number of sales

7688 sales in August vs. 2392 (before J7 Media acquired the account) with a budget twice as large.


Cost per lead

We generated 1128 leads at a cost per lead of €0.50 during the month of August.

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