Our December 2021 Facebook Ads Tests

Our December 2021 Facebook Ads Tests (part.1)

Antoine Dalmas Facebook Ads Guide

Every month, our expert team of Media Buyers performs a series of Facebook Advertising Tests to offer you expert tips on how to optimize your campaigns and strategies.

Facebook Ads: we get behind the camera!

A 28% drop in CPL and +35% in scale

Here are the results of our latest test as of December 6th, 2021.

Last week, we discussed how to optimize lead acquisition when you’re advertising an e-book or guide.

Our technique is simple enough: extract content from your guide and show it to your audience. For one of our clients, this strategy led us to producing ads that are still successfully running today!

J7 Media's iOS 14 Facebook Ads Squad recently had the same experience back in November.

Throwback to July 2021, when we launched an acquisition campaign for the iOS 14 Squad with the following ads:

lead ads facebook ads

Our ads were clickbaity and initially worked quite well to generate leads. But, the comments told a different story.

facebook engagement

We can say what we want, but such comments clearly aren’t great for our objectives. The new Apple update attracted a rather aggressive community that used our ads to let us know how they felt.

Months go by, and inevitably, our results plummet. We try adapting our ads, but this strategy doesn't seem to work anymore. We tested a new approach (below), but it didn't work either.

facebook ads lead

Our facebook ads

In short, we were in a rut, and our cost per lead oscillated between $13 and $10, depending on the week. By mid-November, our CPL hit $10.83. There was no indication that our campaign results would improve.

ads manager

Results before

So, we go back to the basics: What are we selling?

  • A solution for iOS 14? Yes, but no
  • Facebook Ads optimization strategies? Yes, but no 
  • Advertising test ideas? Yes, but no

Then the answer comes to us: emails.

We were selling emails that help improve our leads’ Facebook Ads results despite the challenges of iOS14 (now 15) as well as ideas for advertising tests.

So why not show our emails in our ads?

We turn on our camera and make super simple ads that feature an iOS 14 Squad email and an explanation of why our emails can help Facebook advertisers. Here’s an example.

facebook ads hook

New Facebook Ad

No unnecessary chatter, professional lighting, or studio shoots. Just a simple webcam video, a microphone, and different emails for different ads.

To make things even riskier, we decide to stop our two campaigns (one standard campaign and one dynamic campaign), which both have a budget of $120/day…and we launch a new one at $200/day!

Confident in our strategy, we scale our campaign and immediately launch our new ads.

facebook ads manager

facebook ads manager 2

In that same week, our CPL dropped as we scaled our account by 35%. Here are our results from the last week of November.

ads manager global

And the best part is that our comments section greatly improved.

facebook engagement

Again, our advice is to be transparent and clear about the content you are offering and determine the best advertising angle for your ads. Simply showing the cover of your guide is not always the most rewarding.

On the other hand, what can be found inside your guide is!

FB Ads: keeping it simple takes the cake

How to do more with less

Here are the results of our latest test as of December 13th, 2021.

This week, we’ll be discussing an optimization strategy we greatly appreciate.

When we analyze potential clients’ advertising accounts, we often notice the holy trinity of Facebook advertising no-nos:

  • Incorrect attribution
  • Too many active campaigns
  • Too much budget spent on audiences

We always point out these problems and talk about them on our podcast, Social Selling, when we analyze accounts. Despite this, when new clients contact us to work with us, the situation is always the same...

So, you must have guessed it by now: for this week’s test, we’ll be talking about account settings, and more specifically, how to ideally structure your advertising account, as tested and approved by J7 Media (and Meta itself).

In December, we took on a new client. Here’s what their account looked like:

ads manager

42 campaigns with significant spend (many of them active). In August, they had a total of 38 campaigns.

This client was doing everything wrong: multiple attribution settings, multiple conversion objectives, spending too much on audiences, and far too many campaigns.

Our goal was simple: to clean up and simplify the account.

Week after week, we stopped all campaigns that weren’t necessary, and we switched to CBO and 7-day click/1-day view.

Here are the number of campaigns this client had in their account (every 7 days) from October 1st to November 4th.

Simplification account facebook ads

Week after week...

14 campaigns met the chopping block, often replaced by new ones that respected the expected bases. In December, our client still had a total of 17 campaigns, but they met our standards. We were finally able to have a clearer overall picture of the account.

ads manager 2

We were aiming to reach 10 campaigns after the holidays.

But was it worth it?

With this "clean up," we spent less than in September and cut the budget by $8,700.

facebook ads budget

And what about our client’s Shopify account?

shopify report sales

+$231, 746

This is the difference between a poorly managed account and one with a solid foundation, with $8,000 less in expenses.

+32% in CA

The Account Manager behind this feat didn't even have to create any ads, as there was already plenty of material in the client's account.

Next time you ask yourself whether your account needs an abundance of ads to get it up and running, ask yourself this instead: How can I simplify my account and combine budgets?

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