Our February 2022 Facebook Ads Tests (Part 2)

Our February 2022 Facebook Ads Tests (Part 2)

Antoine Dalmas Facebook Ads Guide

Every month, our expert team of Media Buyers performs a series of Facebook Ads Tests to offer you expert tips on optimizing your campaigns and strategies.

Facebook Ads: $4300 to test out an offer

It’s the battle of the ads at the FB Ads Squad!

Here are the results of our latest test as of February 21, 2022.

It’s rare that we test several different offers one after the other.

According to our PACSO method, the offer is at the very bottom of the pyramid, which means we’re supposed to keep the same offer for as long as possible.

But testing out offers is also a major plus for your marketing efforts and for Facebook Ads. Plus, there was a question that we’d been contemplating for a while: Do prospects prefer free shipping or a discount on their order/product?

Louis-Daniel Binette, Account Director at J7 Media, wanted to discover the answer to this question. So, he created two offers for an e-commerce client that sells American candy, and ran these two offers:

  • From January 15th to 25th (Offer #1)
  • From January 25th to February 3rd (Offer #2)

Let’s take a closer look at Offer #1.

Our first offer was simple enough: 20% off sitewide, thanks to a special promo code.

Now for Offer #2.

Free shipping on any order over €20 to €25, depending on the country. We calculated the shipping cost in France for a €50 product, and it came out to €7.

So, you could either:

  • Pay only €40 for a product, but pay €7 to get it shipped to your home
  • Pay €49 for a product and get free shipping

In reality, there is only a €2 difference between options 1 and 2, but most clients don’t sit down and make these calculations.

We integrated our ads into 3 different campaigns (two acquisition campaigns, and one retargeting), all of which had a conversion objective.

Here are the results for the 20% off offer, and the Free Shipping offer.

The ROAS for the free shipping offer was so high because it received less spend than the 20% off offer, as can be seen in this graph.

This can further be explained by the Evergreen ads we added to the campaigns, which received more ad spend over time.

However, let's not cut the Free Shipping offer out of the final verdict. If we base ourselves on the assumption of dividing the ROAS by 2 and increasing the spend by the same amount, we’d probably have ended up somewhere below Offer #1’s ROAS.

This is a test that would be interesting to replicate for another account in order to get a confirmation!

Facebook Ads: We Test New Hooks!

We may have found our next big winner…

Here are the results of our latest test as of February 28, 2022.

We've changed our approach for this week’s test and will be talking about a test that we’ve been running for several months now. It’s no before/after situation, but rather a long search for the best ad Hooks.

But first, let’s look at our client’s account structure.

The client in question is an e-commerce that sells cottage booking/property rental services through which prospects can book their next getaway or vacation. Obviously, this is a service that can be rather expensive, so it requires patience – because prospects don’t usually just book their next stay on a whim, especially if their plans involve several people.

This client’s account structure is so simple, you’d think Apple designed it (😏). The client has but two campaigns: a retargeting campaign with two different audiences (Visitors and Engagement) and an acquisition/conversion campaign with an audience stack of 10% Lookalikes (based on customers and leads) and a BROAD audience.

We’ve been testing the following 3 Hooks for several months.

Hook #1 - GENERAL

This Hook is purely lifestyle-oriented. We used attractive images to entice prospects to take action.


For these ads, we focused on the discovery aspect. To do so, we used a quick and short video that featured a selection of beautiful properties. The goal was that one of the properties would tempt prospects to discover more properties (and potentially book their next stay!).

We also used an image (on the left) based on social proof to reassure prospects.

Hook #3 - PRICE

Here, the incentive is twofold. We mentioned budget and the vast number of properties available.

Here are the results each of these Hooks generated.

We don't have any metrics for 'Add to carts' or 'Checkout Initiateds,' so let’s look at our Link CTR results instead. As you can see, our CTR was much higher for our PRICE Hook.

However, there is a clear difference between our GENERAL and DISCOVERY results, despite there being a much lower ROAS (and a much higher CPA). This makes us think that this Hook has a consistency problem. People click, thinking they'll find something, and then don't take action.

More recently, we launched other (more contextual) Hooks based on looser COVID restrictions and Spring Break, which will easily speak to all prospects in Quebec.

The beginnings are promising, and if this Hook bears fruit, we’ll be able to test more 'Contextual Hooks' versus 'Pricing Hooks' and 'Availability Hooks’ to see which performs best.

To be continued!