Our March 2022 Facebook Ads Tests (P.2)

Our March 2022 Facebook Ads Tests (P.2)

Antoine Dalmas Facebook Ads Guide

Every month, our expert team of Media Buyers performs a series of Facebook Ads Tests to offer you expert tips on how to optimize your campaigns and strategies.

150% increase in ROAS: The Valentine’s Day Lesson

(and what to do for upcoming holidays)

Here are the results of our test as of March 21, 2022.

One of the lessons we teach in our coaching services is that there is no logic to Flash Sales. For Valentine’s Day, we launched campaigns and ads for 12 very different clients. And it worked!

However, none of these clients could really claim to have anything to do with Valentine’s Day. Usually, people buy or offer special gifts (like a beauty product) or an experience for two. In other words, something romantic.

Do you think rabbit hay is romantic?

Romantic or not, our campaigns were a hit.

Let’s look at a more concrete example.

Our Valentine’s Day ads were also successful for a client that sells pet products. We spent only $56 for a Flash Sale from February 11th to 14th, and our ROAS exploded by more than 150%.

Our two main campaigns during the Flash Sale

Here are our retargeting ads that account for nearly 68% of the BOF campaign’s Purchase Value.

25% OFF a specific collection

Results for our retargeting campaign

We launched an offer on one specific collection and the discount wasn’t particularly high, which is the opposite of what we recommend you do during Black Friday (i.e., the best discount you can offer on a maximum number of products).

But, what we can learn from this example (and other similar campaigns we’ve run in-house) is that when you have a holiday or event coming up in your market/country, find a way to run a Flash Sale (even if your products/services have NOTHING to do with the event in question). At the very least, run a test. You may be surprised at the results!

We didn’t create a specific product for Valentine’s Day. We just adapted our visuals and gave consumers a special occasion to make a purchase. That’s the real lesson of this campaign. When you give consumers an opportunity to celebrate something and make purchases, it’s much easier for prospects to convert. At J7, we’ll continue running similar Flash Sales in the future, no matter the occasion.

41% increase in FB spend

How to get your audience to self-qualify

Here are the latest test results as of March 28, 2022.

For a previous Facebook Ads Squad test, we talked about how important it is to optimize your objective for each step of your sales funnel (even the last step!) and the importance of a specific conversion funnel.

The advantage of this famous funnel is that it gets prospects to qualify themselves for your services without them realizing it.

What’s better than a long conversation with a salesperson to get you to fill out a long questionnaire?

A Quiz, of course!

Quizzes have the advantage of appearing ‘fun’ and piquing your audience’s curiosity.

We applied this sales funnel to a client who has already made an appearance in our tests before. For our previous test, our goal was to offer meaningful content that would attract prospects to our client’s services. Perhaps these ads will remind you of the test in question.

6-Step Business Diagnosis

But like for any advertising account on Meta, results dip and only improve if you have a stellar idea.

That's why our Account Manager, Louis-Daniel, launched a Quiz campaign for his Infopreneur client that targets entrepreneurs.

How well is your business doing? Find out with our quiz!

The value proposition is so clear it’s impossible to attract the wrong audience. The funnel includes a 20-question quiz (which is super long!) with questions centered around the prospect’s business and business endeavors.

Some questions from our quiz, including: ‘How does your business make money?’ and ‘What is your next biggest financial goal?’

Once the prospect has completed the quiz, we invite them to sign up to receive their results.

After the prospect signs up, they’re redirected to a long sales page that immediately gives them their results. The sales page features their personal business analysis and what/how they can improve. A few days later, we send out another email (that appears to be more organic rather than salesy) to revive the prospect’s interest.

Hello Antoine! It’s [Client’s Name] (the guy from the Business Quiz). Now that you’ve had an opportunity to consult your results, what do you think?

Now, what about our results? Here’s what our client’s account looked like before we launched this campaign, the first month of the campaign, and the second.

Here is the difference between month two of the campaign and before launching the Quiz.

A 1800€ increase in spend, and a 13% decrease in CPL. Interestingly, the Quiz campaign also benefited the rest of the account, as we can see from the second campaign.

The gap is not drastic in terms of click-through rate, although it definitely increased between month 1 and month 2.

The CPC remains much cheaper for the Quiz campaign, though. Meta makes us pay less for our distribution, which is also confirmed by the CPM, so we know that this is a funnel that works better in general.

Once again, the Quiz is an incredible weapon to increase your conversion rate. If you’re in the business of lead acquisition, we suggest you test out this strategy ASAP!