Our May 2022 Facebook Ads Tests (Pt. 2)

Our May 2022 Facebook Ads Tests (Pt. 2)

Antoine Dalmas Facebook Ads Guide

Every month, our expert team of Media Buyers performs a series of Facebook Ads Tests to offer you expert tips on how to optimize your campaigns and strategies.

An unexpected offer succeeds!

The return of a Shopify app.

The FB Ads Squad is reporting for duty with our May 23rd test!

Having a ‘Spin the Wheel’ feature on your e-commerce website isn’t new. In fact, it’s a fun way to collect customer emails in exchange for a discount.

When you work in e-commerce, it’s a strategy that can make you smile since you’ve surely seen it everywhere, and Shopify’s App Store proves its popularity.

But has it ever been used as an offer in an ad?

Maybe not.

Should we try it?

Why not!

For this week’s test, the client in question is an e-commerce that sells children’s clothing.

Here is what the wheel looked like on the client’s website.

We launched a temporary campaign to advertise the new collection and targeted both warm and cold audiences.

The offer was only available from April 11th to April 17th, with discounts ranging from 10% to 50% and even free shipping.

Here are the results of our active ads during that period.

Here are the results from the wheel application that popped up organically for all visitors.

The lesson: There are several important elements to consider.

Our ‘Spin the Wheel’ ads were part of a campaign that was doing okay, but that wasn’t even close to generating stellar results.

Thanks to the wheel, sales spiked the day we launched the ads, and on April 15th. Organic traffic certainly helped, but our ‘Spin the Wheel’ ads also received 99% of the campaign budget.

The wheel wasn’t just a simple wheel, but rather an offer with an end date, and thus, essentially a Flash Sale.

We created a very simple image and a GIF for the campaign, and both resulted in a 279% increase in our CTR.

We highly recommend you try this test if you’re an e-commerce business!

+53% in ROAS

You need to know this Facebook Ads Optimization 👀

The Facebook Ads Squad is reporting for duty with our May 30th test!

In our inner circle, we often talk about coaches and infopreneurs, and particularly what kinds of offers we can create for such clients. We even recently attended a masterclass with Alexandre Durand, whose mastery of sales funnels has been acknowledged by theRussell Brunson himself.

We've often pushed an offer/sales funnel in the past, and it recently gave us a major breakthrough for an infopreneur client.

501€. That’s how much it cost us to generate 1 sales discovery call between a prospect and our client. Note that this campaign targeted a warm audience composed of leads, website visitors, etc.,... not individuals who had never heard of our client before.

But how, without adding any ads, modifying audiences, or changing our offer, were we able to drastically improve our cost per action?

With two possible optimizations.

Option 1 was to improve the discovery call offer.

Which would have been difficult, as the offer was already a free sales call, through which the prospect would leave with a customized action plan for their business.

Option 2: To further qualify the audience to ensure the most engaged leads.

As you can guess, we opted for this one!

So, we launched the ultimate sales funnel for any infopreneur: The Challenge.

If you’ve been following our tests for a while, you know the Challenge sales funnel has nothing left to prove, whether it includes a fee or not. For this campaign, we launched a free Challenge that started on April 11. The good news: Our retargeting results boomed from then on.

Here’s what the Account Manager in charge of this account has to say about this campaign:

“During the month of March (the period before the start of the challenge), the client was able to generate 168,000 euros in sales for an advertising investment (Facebook and YouTube) of 27,440 euros. The ROAS for March was 6.12, which is pretty good for an infopreneur selling courses.

In April, we invested 17 312 euros, so about 37% less than in March, with the goals of generating registrations for the free Challenge and acquiring a solid database of leads to retarget. We generated 162,000 euros in April, resulting in a ROAS of 9.36.

This challenge allowed us to quickly increase our ROI by 53%. For the next Challenge, we’ll definitely increase our budget to generate even more revenue."

Once people are highly committed to a well-executed challenge, it is much easier to convince them to take the next step, which in this case was to contact a consultant to finalize their purchase.

This test has proven yet again that Challenges can undoubtedly generate sales for infopreneurs and coaches. If you’re an infopreneur or coach investing in Facebook Ads, we recommend you try it!