5 tips for a Facebook Challenge

5 tips for a Facebook Challenge

The Facebook Challenge is THE best campaign (probably) for converting at a high rate, for an expensive offer.

 We use this campaign for a lot of coaches and infopreneurs.

It worked so well for our clients that we decided to put it into practice for ourselves, with great success.

Here are a few figures to date: over 1,500 participants and twice as many email addresses collected in just 3 sessions.

This means immense exposure for the brand, with a positive first impression from participants who recommend us.

+ Tens of thousands of dollars generated

Many of which are recurring sales, thanks to subscriptions offered at the very end.

In this episode of No Pay No Play, we give you 5 tips on how to launch your own challenge with as few errors as possible.

But if you want to know absolutely everything, we encourage you to join us in the J7 Academy.

We've just released a complete course on the subject: j7academie.com.





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