BONUS: This podcast is about to change... (Social Selling too)

BONUS: This podcast is about to change... (Social Selling too)

We've been teasing you about it for weeks now, but now Social Selling, after +230 episodes, is bowing out to make way for... Social Scaling!

Not much of a change, we agree!

But in terms of content, yes.

This year has been rich in learning, and inevitably, rich in scaling. Many of the accounts we manage want to scaling (and are succeeding in doing so), exceeding $1,000 (or €) in daily budget on Meta's platform.

From now on, Social Scaling is a podcast that will help you go from $1,000 to tens or even hundreds of thousands of $$$ in Facebook Ads budget.

So future episodes will target segments of advertisers/Media buyers who are more advanced, or who really want to surpass this threshold.

But what about other advertisers?

We haven't forgotten you! No Pay No Play, which is our other Facebook Ads podcast, will be for people with daily budgets of $0 to $1,000.

So the distinction between the two podcasts is clear! Just starting out with Facebook Ads? No Pay No Play.

Do you need to exceed $1000/day? Social Scaling!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you for listening to our podcasts and giving us your feedback.

Happy New Year and best wishes on Facebook Ads!




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