How To Take Over a Facebook Ads Account

How To Take Over a Facebook Ads Account

Taking over a Facebook Ads account is an ordeal, one that any Media Buyer may encounter in the course of his or her practice.

An advertiser is dissatisfied with the person currently managing their Facebook Ads, wants to change and commissions you to transform their results.

You'd think this would be easy, since the account has a certain history (at least a year is best), but it's quite the opposite.

Taking over an account poses several challenges:

The advertiser is impatient, and wants to get out of the situation they're in,

You need to thoroughly analyze and learn from what has already been published,

Your first campaigns must quickly generate results to satisfy the advertiser.

In short, the stakes are high.

But what is the method our teams use to take over an account we are now in charge of?

Arnaud Pinet, Account Director at J7 Media, takes the time to explain this to us, using concrete examples.

How to Take Over a Facebook Ads Account? is a key episode for all active and aspiring Media Buyers.





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