REPOST - How to restructure a Facebook Ads account

REPOST - How to restructure a Facebook Ads account

As in her first appearance on the podcast, Stéphanie Thiffault, Facebook Ads expert, doesn't spare our audience!

She returns to tell us about an account she worked hard on in order to present us with these figures:

Sales Q1 2023 VS 2022: 356K VS 199K

Net Profit Q1 2023 VS 2022: 75,344 € VS 38,000 € Advertising investment: €115,887 VS €74,575.77

+100% net profit,

+78% sales and $41,000 in scaling over the same period!

How does one achieve such a result? What was at stake before Stéphanie became involved?

Stéphanie explains everything in this episode, which is extremely important for any Media Buyer. Because contrary to what many others would have done in her place, Stéphanie analyzed the account in depth, and even the client's Shopify. In doing so, she found that their entire former strategy did not favor THE account's most important metric: net profit. From then on, she asked herself the following questions: 

Which Facebook KPIs help generate a positive net profit?

Is ROAS or CAC more important?

How can increasing Average Order Value by $1 make all the difference?

Against all expectations, she even went so far as to reduce the account's daily budget, in order to rebuild its structure with high ROI campaigns.





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