Business Panel - The current state of e-commerce with William Giroux and Anthony Vendrame (part 2)

Episode 112

Welcome to the 5th episode of Business Panel, our new concept on the podcast. On Mondays, we interview entrepreneurs whose businesses have grown rapidly, and on Thursday, me and a selection of entrepreneurs discuss a variety of topics related to business and our companies.

For today’s episode, we have the privilege of receiving two entrepreneurs who have previously appeared on the podcast. William Giroux, CEO and Co-Founded of KaseMe, who appeared on the 107th episode, and Anthony Vendrame, Founder of Poches et Fils and the creative agency Crayon 15, who appeared on the 69th episode (our most streamed episode so far!). Thank you for coming back to the podcast.

In order to situate the audience today, the panel will revolve around 4 themes;


First, we will talk about the supply crisis that is affecting retailers and manufacturers. Having two guests who operate fast-growing online businesses, we thought it was worthwhile to get their opinion.

We will then discuss branding, knowing that KaseMe and Poches et Fils both have strong brand images that are recognized across Quebec. 

We then talk about distribution, and finally we discuss how to find qualified workers in 2021.

Thank you all for joining us and enjoy the podcast!

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