Episode 143

Starting a company and pushing it to hypergrowth takes some pretty exceptional skills, but what about taking over a company?

How do you take the reins of an already established organization and bring it to the next level?

Today’s podcast will be the first episode of a multi-part series with entrepreneurs who have had totally amazing breakthroughs in Quebec.

Our first entrepreneur, Catryn Pinard, President of Nationex, is with us today to talk about how, since 2015 now, she took over the organization formerly run by her father and went from over 40M to 60M in annual sales in just 7 years.

We also discover some health issues and obstacles that Catryn encountered, and the exceptional resilience she demonstrated to get through a period that was far from easy for her and her family.

Without further ado, my chat with Catryn Pinard.

To learn more about Nationex: https://www.nationex.com/

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*This episode is only available in French.


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