François de Kerret - Revolutionizing the NPO industry by eliminating bank transaction fees

Episode 178

François de Kerret - Révolutionner l'industrie des OBNL en supprimant les frais de transactions bancaires

I have to admit that I'm a big fan of today's guest.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been trying to spotlight entrepreneurs who have experienced hypergrowth, but also those who give back to the community.

As you will see, our guest on the 178th episode does both of these tasks perfectly!

François De Kerret, CEO and co-founder of Zeffy, a software that allows non-profits to collect donations without having to pay bank transaction fees, is with us today for a most fascinating discussion.

I repeat in case you misheard, literally ZERO bank transaction fees!

Zeffy absorbs all the fees themselves.

Now, you may be asking yourself; how do they manage to make money?

I invite you to listen to the episode!

Because in addition to knowing how to generate revenue, François' team has been able to attract big-name investors by raising several million in funding and reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in revenue.

Without further ado, my discussion with François De Kerret.

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