Éric Gagné - From best baseball pitcher in the world to entrepreneur

Episode 198

Éric Gagné - From best baseball pitcher in the world to entrepreneur

The world of professional sports is, in my opinion, excessively similar to the world of business.

After all, aren’t entrepreneurs high-level athletes in their own way?

Today's guest is the perfect example of this.

For the 198th episode of the podcast, we’re lucky to receive Eric Gagné, former professional baseball player and winner of the Cy Young Award in 2003 for the best pitcher in the league.

Eric, who played with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, and Milwaukee Brewers, tells us about the steps that led him to become a professional...

And we also discuss his post-career journey as he builds a new structure to help today's players increase their value in the marketplace.

As a sports fan, I was delighted by this exchange.

Without further ado, my discussion with Éric Gagné.

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