Ep: 20 - Marco Bernard - The Structure to Follow to Generate $200,000/month Only With a Podcast!

Episode 20

In today's episode, we talk about "Podcasting", but more precisely, about the strategies that one of the biggest podcasters in the world, John Lee Dumas, has put in place in order to generate $200 000 US/month only with his podcast!

To give you a few startling statistics, John Lee Dumas' podcast "Entrepreneurs on Fire" has accumulated, to date, more than 80 million listens and has attracted renowned entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tony Robbins, and many more.

To talk about the strategies used to achieve this "Hypergrowth," we welcomed Marco Bernard, a podcasting expert. Marco had the chance to interview JLD 1 year ago about the structure and strategies JLD uses that allows him to be so successful.

Today's podcast is therefore perfect for those looking to create a piece of content that is unique to their company.

For those who want to have access to the link I mention in the episode, it's here: marcobernard.ca/hypercroissance and use the coupon code HC to get 15% off Marco's training!

Happy listening! 

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This episode is only available in French.

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