François Lanthier Nadeau - From intern to CEO to 8 figures

Episode 218

François Lanthier Nadeau - From intern to CEO to 8 figures

Do we build our company to keep it forever or do we structure it to sell it in the medium term?

In all honesty, there may be nuances to your answer.

As Louis Têtu once said on our podcast, "A company isn't sold, it's bought!"

And I think this expression clearly represents what happened to my guest of the day.

François Lanthier Nadeau, former president of Snipcart is with us today to tell us about the exceptional history of his company.

First of all, you should know that he joined Snipcart as an intern...

To finally lead the company to an exit in the 8 figure range only a few years later, an exit that was not at all in the plans.

Francois was generous in his detailed explanation, and I must say that this is an extremely high-quality interview.

Without further ado, my discussion with François Lanthier Nadeau.

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