Geneviève Brousseau Provencher - Building an 8-figure juice company

Episode 234

Geneviève Brousseau Provencher - Building an 8-figure juice company

Food and beverage companies usually begin by selling their products at their POS before delving into online marketing.

After all, retail has always been the preferred initial location for such companies for obvious reasons.

But, in the last decade, several brands are taking a new approach.

Beverage brands are now selling their products online, directly to consumers.

Once they reach a critical mass, they then seek to sell their products via more traditional points of sale.

My guest of the day owns one of these beverage companies!

Geneviève Brousseau Provencher, co-founder of Dose Juice, is with us today to tell us about the incredible story that led her and her husband to build one of the hottest beverages in 2023 in Quebec!

Geneviève explains how, since 2013, her company has evolved to surpass 8 figures in annual revenues.

We discuss for 1 hour!

Without further ado, my discussion with Geneviève Brousseau Provencher.

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