Malik Yacoubi -Raising $160 million to revolutionize the mortgage industry

Episode 246

Malik Yacoubi - Raising $160 million to revolutionize the mortgage industry

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You've certainly seen them on TV in recent years, and today we have the founder on the podcast.

I'm talking about Nesto and its CEO, Malik Yacoubi.

Nesto's mission is to offer you the best price for your mortgage via its online platform, and since its launch, it has given itself the means to achieve its ambitions.

With over $160 million in funding, Malik's team has grown from 16 employees to 310 at the time of recording this podcast.

A serial entrepreneur, Malik also tells us about the early business experiences that enabled him to sell two of his companies before launching Nesto.

A fascinating conversation!

Without further ado, my conversation with Malik Yacoubi.

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