Dany Papineau - Revolutionizing the cottage rental industry

Episode 277

Dany Papineau - Revolutionizing the cottage rental industry

Watch the episode here: https://youtu.be/CvpkKg6_ico

Welcome to the Hypergrowth podcast!

This week, we talk to Dany Papineau, president and founder of Wechalet, a platform that helps people find cottages for rent in Quebec.

Dany, who officially launched the platform in 2019, is experiencing 300% growth year after year, and today he's here to tell us about his latest round of funding via Frontfundr.

Without further ado, my discussion with Dany Papineau.

To invest in Wechalet: https://www.frontfundr.com/wechalet

To learn more about Wechalet: https://wechalet.com

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