Ep: 47 - Joey Khatri - Intelligent Lighting: An Industry in Hypergrowth

Épisode 47

The home automation industry is one of the fastest-growing market segments in recent years. According to the world's leading data collection platform Statista, the market for "smart homes", and specifically the market for intelligent lighting, is expected to triple by 2025. We're thus talking about an industry in which it will be important to gain as much market share as possible within the next 5 years. My guest today is prepared to impose himself as a leader in the field.

Joey Khatri, President and Co-Founder of DALS Lighting, took the time to sit with us and discuss:

1. Intelligent lighting

2. How to develop a B2B distribution network

3. The steps he had to take to establish himself in the United States

4. The impact COVID-19 has had on his warehouse

...and many other fascinating topics.

This podcast is perfect for people working in B2B!

Without further ado, my conversation with Joey Khatri.

To learn more about Dals Lighting: https://dals.com/

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