Hypergrowth's Best of 2020 Part 2

Episode 60

Hypergrowth's Best of 2020 Part 2

For today's episode, we'll be discussing 3 more of our favorite podcast moments from 2020. With such fascinating guests, it wasn't easy to select only 6 episodes in all. Nevertheless, here are 3 more excerpts that had the most impact on us in 2020.

The first excerpt is from Episode 29 during my interview with Martin Latulippe, which we recorded smack in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. A great connoisseur of strategic partnerships, in this 10-minute excerpt, Martin tells us how he creates and uses new partnerships to grow his organization.

If you're a fan of the podcast, you'll love excerpt #2. This is an excerpt featuring Philippe-Antoine Defoy, owner of Popeye's Quebec, who told us about how he had managed to open 1 new Popeye's branch every month in 2013. You'll see, Philippe-Antoine is a real workaholic!

Lastly, we end Episode 60 with an excerpt from NIkolai Rai. The current CEO of Mrex has anything but a typical story. Having suffered from homelessness twice, Nikolai told us all about the roller coaster rides he has experienced during the creation of his businesses. As you'll see, Nikolai is a businessman with exceptional perseverance and resilience.

*This episode is only available in French.

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