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Episode 61

My name is Antoine Gagné and welcome you to the 61st episode of Hypergrowth! Before listening to today's episode, I invite you to subscribe on Spotify, Apple podcasts or the streaming platform of your choice in order to be notified when our episodes come out every Monday. For many entrepreneurs, the holiday season is a time to rest but also a time to reflect on the year that just passed.

For my part, I love to recharge my batteries by reading new books but also by enjoying the courses and content that I purchased earlier in the year! All of that to say that during the last weeks of December, I took the time to listen to the 2020 Traffic and Conversion Summit, hosted by the people at "Scalable Company" and Digital Marketer. In 2020, compared to previous years, the content was very "business" oriented rather than being 100% focused on digital marketing. However, the event was such a gold mine of information that I decided to share with you my biggest takeaways from the event. 

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