Adrian Shauer - How to Sell 2 Tech Startups and Start 450 Employee Company

Episode 74

Adrian Shauer - How to Sell 2 Tech Startups and Start 450 Employee Company

For some time now, we've been receiving tech entrepreneurs on the Hypergrowth podcast, and many have shared the tips and tricks they use to get their organization to grow rapidly. For this (rare) episode, we'll be talking to a business leader who has performed the feat more than once!

For this week's episode, I was lucky to speak to Adrian Shauer, President and Founder of Alayacare, a technology platform in the home care sector. Launched in 2014, the organization, which now has over 400 employees, is on track to become the undisputed leader in its field, having raised over $100M since its founding.

Prior to founding Alayacare in 2014, Adrian Schauer founded two leading technology companies and has also invested in several technology start-ups. A serial technology entrepreneur, it is thanks to his experience that in just 7 years, he has been able to form AlayaCare into what it is today: an international company with a presence in Canada, the US and Australia, with over 450 employees. This rapid growth has been facilitated by the company's technological structure, which is based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, allowing the company to evolve rapidly, easily respond to demand, and to enter new markets. Without further ado, my discussion with Adrian Shauer.

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