Adrien Chaltiel - How to Invest in More Than a Dozen Successful Companies

Episode 79

Very often when people invite me on podcasts and for interviews or conferences, I am often asked how I see myself as a professional. To this question, I always answer the same thing; a business geek. 

Now, for today's interview, I had the chance to talk to someone who is decades ahead of me in this profession. Adrien Chaltiel, Co-Founder and President of the technology company Eldorado, is with us today to talk about funding.

Adrien is an investor in more than a dozen successful startups and continues to operate Eldorado on a day-to-day basis with the mission of helping entrepreneurs find external capital.

In his spare time, Adrien also likes to write and he is here today to present his brand new book "Obtenez les meilleurs financements pour votre projet" (Get The Best Funding For Your Project).

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*This episode is only available in French.


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