The 3 best Hypergrowth excerpts from 2021 so far

Episode 91

The 3 best Hypergrowth excerpts from 2021 so far

To celebrate the change in season, I'll be taking a look back on what I think are the 3 best excerpts from Hypergrowth since the beginning of 2021!

We're slowly approaching 100 episodes  and I thought it would be worthwhile to take a little trip down memory lane by sharing some of the excerpts that have greatly influenced my mind since the beginning of the new year.

Let's start with the 68th episode of the podcast in which I interviewed Marc-André Campagna, CO and Co-Founder of Oxio. In the short 8-minute excerpt I chose, Marc-André gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his experience at the famous American incubator; Y Combinator.

Even 18 months later, it is impossible to forget the COVID-19 crisis. It's better to look at the positives than at the negatives; a mindset that the guest of the 78th episode of the podcast has adopted. Vincent Thériault, Co-Founder of Surmesur explains in a 15-minute excerpt how he was able to turn his company around and sell $255 million worth of masks during the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic.

We end with an excerpt from the 75th episode in which Rodolphe Barrere, founder of Potloc, explains what a company absolutely must have if it wants to take the external capital route. And I'll say it again if you haven't listened to this episode yet, Rodolphe has achieved all of this success at only 29 years old...

I hope you enjoy the 91st episode of Hypergrowth and lean more about some of the interviews you haven't yet listened to.

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