Ep: 41 - Guillaume Bouchard - How to Sell Your Business with an “Earn Out”

Episode 41

Guillaume Bouchard - How to Sell Your Business with an “Earn Out”

For companies in the services industry, buying an organization and keeping the current owners in their positions is a very common business sale transaction. Those who have acquired the business will set a specific objective for the acquired shareholders to achieve, and if that objective is achieved, the value of the acquisition will be higher. On the other hand, if the incumbent entrepreneurs decide to step down and do not achieve their objectives, they risk missing out on a lot of money. 
This type of transaction, commonly called an “earn out,” is the subject of today’s discussion with my guest, Guillaume Bouchard. Guillaume, who sold his company NVI in 2013 to the Dentsu Aegis group, stayed with the organization for 5 years after Dentsu Aegis purchased the company.

In this episode, we discuss the dynamics that are established when an entrepreneur remains in the company after having been bought-out.

As an additional note, Dentsu Aegis is the company that owns Iprospect Canada, an organization we mention throughout the interview.

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