Ep:17 - Camille Estephan - How to Become the Biggest Boxing Gym in Quebec in Only 10 Years

Episode 17

Camille Estephan - Comment devenir la plus grande écurie de boxe au Québec en 10 ans seulement

Today on the hypergrowth podcast, we discuss "Sports Business" with none other than Camille Estephan, president and founder of the boxing team Eye of The Tiger Management.

Camille, who now has more than twenty boxing athletes on his team tells us about:

  • The three different sources of revenue associated with a boxing gala
  • The story behind Eye of The Tiger Management's acquisition of Interbox in 2016
  • The evolution of boxing in Quebec over the last 10 years and many other crunchy anecdotes.

Camille also shares the secrets behind his success. Few people know this, but in addition to managing one of the most important boxing teams in Quebec, he also owns 2 Manulife branches that have been the most successful in the country for 15 years now.

Without further ado, my conversation with Camille Estephan.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

This podcast is only available in French.

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