Ep: 43 -Hypergrowth - Two Pieces of Business-Related Content Perfect for Fall

Episode 43

Hypergrowth - Two Pieces of Business-Related Content Perfect for Fall

Welcome to the 43rd episode of Hypergrowth! As I did for Episode 38, I’ll be providing you with a short feature of less than 10 minutes to introduce you to 2 pieces of content that, I must say, have changed my life.

I’ll be introducing you to both a book and a podcast today.

I wish you a good listening session, and I hope that this second installment will be as popular as the first! 

Happy listening!

The first piece of content that I want to talk about today is a book I’ve read again and again since 2018. The book in question is Built to Sell by John Warrillow. This book is essential for any entrepreneur who wants to eventually sell their organisation. And even if you don’t, the advice in this book is guaranteed to be extremely useful to you.

You can purchase the book here:https://builttosell.com/

The second and final piece of content I want to talk to you about today is the "Business Lunch" podcast hosted by the illustrious Roland Frasier. This is the second time I recommend Roland Frasier in an episode such as this one, and trust me, it’s not for nothing. 

Business Lunch, which was launched in Fall 2018, is a bi-weekly podcast with episodes released every Monday and Wednesday. At the beginning of the week, audiences get a short episode of less than 10 minutes to help them start the week, and in the middle of it, Roland gives us an interview with one of his entrepreneur friends of about 30 to 60 minutes.

You can listen to the podcast here:https://businesslunchpodcast.com/

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