Ep: 34 - Luc Filiatrault - How to Build 4 Publicly Traded Companies

Episode 34

Luc Filiatreault - How to Build 4 Publicly Traded Companies

Taking a company public can be a career goal or can be seen as a way to grow faster. The influx of capital generated by an IPO can quickly drive a company into hypergrowth overnight.

Now, is there a specific process to follow in order to achieve this result? Do we have to start planning our IPO as soon as we set up our business?

My guest today, Luc Filiatreault, will share with us his exceptional entrepreneurial journey. To give you an idea, Luc has founded or led 8 organizations and 4 of them were traded on the TSX in Toronto.

Even though he's already had an exceptional career, Luc still has a thirst for entrepreneurship! He now leads Mediagrif, which is also a public company. As you will notice, Luc actually had to leave us quite suddenly towards the end of the interview for a meeting with his investors.

A perfect podcast for entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their businesses quickly!

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