Ep: 14 - Olivier Lambert - Online Learning, a $107 Billion Industry!

Episode 14

Olivier Lambert - Online Learning, a $107 Billion Industry!

Is the traditional education system in 2019 perfectly adapted to our current reality or does it need to be reviewed? With the advent of online training and the amount of information freely available on the Internet, we can legitimately ask ourselves this question. In 2015, the online learning industry was worth $107 billion.... According to a study of more than 148 pages conducted by one of the largest market analysis firms in the world, Market and Research, this same industry is likely to triple and reach $325 billion in revenue by 2025!

To discuss this, today’s guest is Olivier Lambert, founder of the online education platform “La Tranchée”.

Olivier, who was one of the first Quebecers to successfully market several online courses, shares with us today:
- Must-haves before you start marketing an online course
- The transition that he had to go through the hard way, from marketing trainer to managing a platform with thousands of members.
- His views on the current education system and what learning will look like overall, in his opinion, over the next few years.

And here is an exclusive link giving you free access for 6 weeks to his online learning platform, La Tranchée!

This podcast is only available in French.

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