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Boosting Your Revenues by 91% by Spending $52,000 per Month!

Popeye’s Supplements is a Canadian company that sells a wide variety of fitness and health supplements nationwide.

A client for almost two years, Popeye’s Supplements commissioned J7 Media to hit a record number of online sales in 2021.

Having just come out of the Black Friday and Holiday periods, J7 Media accepted the challenge and managed to take the advertiser’s results to even greater heights than ever before!

Our initial assessment

  • As we were just coming out of the busy Holiday season (the best time of the year to run sales and promotions), we knew we couldn’t immediately utilize the same strategies.
  • As a very strong brand, Popeye’s is able to run campaigns year-round and not just during the Holidays.
  • Supplements are an ideal product to promote when it comes to ‘Cross-Sell’ and ‘Reactivation’ campaigns.

Our objectives

  • Increase our ROAS from the client's back-end.
  • Diminish the cost per purchase.
  • Keep scaling our client’s account.

Our strategy

  • To effectively create and implement evergreen campaigns throughout the year that would generate sales year-wide in conjunction with sales campaigns.
  • Develop an effective retargeting system to maximize our revenues.
Case studies


Between 2020 and 2021 (first 6 months of the year) on the client’s backend.



Between 2020 and 2021 (first 6 months of the year) on Facebook Ads.



On the spend and revenue only attributed to our Facebook advertising campaigns from January to June.

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